Natural History Museum

The museum was extended with new spaces, which were recessed below ground level. There are four glass roofs above this annex, two of which are doubly curved surfaces with smoke vent openings.

 According to the system we have developed and designed with the architects, exterior shaders with tiltable pressed aluminium aerofoil fins were installed above all four roofs. These structures suit this task aesthetically and functionally, since they can withstand weather conditions outstandingly. The imbricated design of the fins over the entrance-roof strengthens the associations with a prehistoric animals’ skeleton, according to the concept of the architect. The biggest challenge of this project – besides following the geometry of the surfaces – was planning the motion of each field; this lasted 4 months.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Mányi István (Mányi Stúdió)
Photo: Dénes György, Krüllung, Mányi Stúdió

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