Széchenyi István University

On the two new buildings of the University of Győr, the requirements for the interior (that were often different on each story) demanded various shading solutions.

Above the entrance of the Inno-Share building ,motorized wooden exterior shaders were installed with wooden fins and imbricated operation. Left of the entrance, in front of the library we placed also motorized exterior shaders, but with aerofoil shaped aluminium fins. Above the glass roof of the hall, 88 mm wide tiltable slats protect the inner space from overheating. While the importance of aesthetics was a deciding point in the former two cases, we needed to focus more on the technical and other preferences (i.e. opening of the smoke vent windows, small weight) in the later case, therefore we choose the device, which has smaller scales and is more able to adapt to difficult geometry. In a building so big, energy saving can be significant, if the shaders are used optimally, therefore all the exterior shaders have central computer control.

Helyszín: Győr
Designer: Gelesz András, Krikovszky Balázs, Anschau Péter
Photo: Guszinger Péter

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