The building of Medical Clinic Paks is a good example that with sufficient professional care you can integrate devices that go beyond the original plans, and serve the claims which arise during use without changing the character of the building.

In front of the two-story high glass wall of the waiting room, we still installed the planned fix, protruding exterior aluminium shader, with custom brackets in the height of one story. During use, the requirement for additional heat and light control came up for the waiting rooms, which exceeded the extent of shading the original protruding shader could offer. The chosen exterior venetian blinds with 100 mm wide aluminium slats further decrease the amount of solar radiation on the surface of the glass facade and also result a more flexible system, which can adapt to the changing requirements of user during the different seasons and periods of the day.

Helyszín: Paks
Designer: Klenk Csaba (Kern és Klenk)
Photo: Dénes György

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