Hungarian Judicial Academy

It was an exceptional opportunity to work on this building. Thanks to the close cooperation with the architects, we managed to implement a complex shading concept, the elements of which fit both the architectural image of the existing and the new parts of the building, and the requirements of the interior.

This building is a good example of how the same shader type – in this case, the aerofoil profile fin – can give an optimal solution for different areas, depending on its chosen material; for instance the vertical exterior shader with tilting wooden fins in front of the staircase, and its aluminium counterpart integrated into the grey slate roof. It is equally as exciting when the same material appears on the different devices. The Canadian red cedar of the above mentioned fins appear on the tiltable wood panels of the sliding shutters of the rooms, and on the fins of the shading in front of the swimming pool. The later is also important for us from another point of view; it is always a pleasure when we face new challenges in our practice and this was the first building where we installed an external shader with aluminium framed, vertically moving panels.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Kalo Emese, Halmos Tamás (Építész Kaláka)
Photo: Dénes György

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