House in Sopron

The shading of this house had to be solved subsequently. Therefore, it was essential that the space requirement of the exterior venetian blinds was as small as possible.

We chose the cable guided, flexible slat type, with 80 mm wide slats and motorized operation. In the case of the one and a half stories high wooden openings the cover of the blinds fitted on the middle lintel, and did not decrease the size of the open glass surface. Wood, bricks and aluminium create a wonderful unity on the building; the natural materials emphasize each other’s values. A large square parasol was added to the centre terrace of the ‘U’ shaped building, the off white colour of which harmonizes with the textile fabrics used in the interior.

Helyszín: Sopron
Designer: Józsa Dávid (Archi. Doc)
Photo: Dénes György

Applied types: