Family house, Budapest XI.

The presented family house shows our GM200 device in several installation situations, depending on the cladding. The splats of this venetian blind type are based on the so called entirely rigid operation principle, the advantage of which is that they have got a high wind resistance, thanks to their beaded and shaped profile. Therefore they can be used for large openings, without any middle guides. The special lifting and tilting mechanism is integrated into the guide rails, therefore there are no lifting tapes or cables to be seen between the slats. In this building, the guide rails are hidden behind the cladding, according to the request of the client. The aluminium slats are also retracted into the recess behind the cladding. The robust slats provide not only visual shield; the specialty of these blinds is that they can also have a security function due to their integrated anti-push up mechanism. In some cases the blinds were ganged just like the windows behind them. In these situations the guides were covered with strips made of the same wood as the windows.

Helyszín: Budapest XI.
Designer: Földi Zoltán (Trilit)
Photo: Dénes György

Applied types: