Kreatív Dental

The exciting design of this building and the firm requirements of a dental practice called for complex shading solutions.

Besides the motorized, cable guided exterior venetian blinds of the wood cladded, curved rear tract or the also motorized, rail guided blackout roller blinds in the dental laboratory, the most exciting feature is surely the external shading system with vertical aerofoil profiles spinning around their axis, which we installed in front of the curved glass facade posteriorly. It was a special challenge, as we could not mount the shaders to frames of the curtain wall (we could only use the frames as support), therefore the whole structure is hanging from the top ledge.  The comfort of the coffee shop on the roof top is given by the lateral arm awnings and a square shaped parasol.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Vizer Balázs, Inotay Judit (Inotay és Vizer Építészek)
Photo: Krüllung, Dénes György

Applied types: