The broken line glass walls on the top floor of the KÖZTI Office Building are shaded by motorized, rail guided interior roller blinds.

The aluminium rails are mounted to the broken line steel frame from two sides. These are aligned with the plane of the frames and powder coated in the same colour as the frames, therefore they are practically invisible. Aluminium guide bars were installed too, in order to avoid the sagging of the textile. The nice drop of the textile is ensured by the weighting bar integrated into the bottom rail. Both the bottom rail and the bar are equipped with plastic rolling friction-bearings so that the uneven run of the fabric, which can be caused by friction, can be avoided.

For the record: Középülettervező Zrt. has left the building in 2012.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Marosi Miklós, Farkas Dániel (KÖZTI)
Photo: Dénes György

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