Holocaust Memorial Centre

The building complex, which includes the Páva Street Synagogue has got a glass tower on its inner court which may not induce anyone to connect it with the idea of shading. Still one of the roles for the imbricated, insulated glass panels between the slanted stone columns in the glazed entry hall of the permanent exhibition is exactly that: shading.

The biggest challenge when designing the shaders – besides the trapezoid shape of the fields – was that we had to create impermeable connections between the glass panels. The imbricated opening system not only provides shade, but also contributes to the ventilation of the entryway. The corridor under the roof garden, in front of the long line of offices is a communicating area in the noblest sense of the word. The shader – which provides shield from the sun for the corridor and the offices behind it – starts horizontally and turns into a vertical position in front of the parapet of the roof garden. It fits perfectly into the order of the court with its modest, yet sophisticated appearance. Careful planning can be detected on this shader, too; with a fine gesture, even the otherwise slender motor is hidden behind the stone cladding.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Mányi István, Gáti Attila (Mányi Stúdió)
Photo: Dénes György, Mányi Stúdió, Krüllung

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