FCI Factory Hall

This house is the evidence for the high aesthetic and technical standards that can be reached if the architect handles us as co-designers, is open to innovative solutions and accepts the fact that clients’ demands can only be actually fulfilled by layering multiple shader types.

The motorized Krüllung Solonia AL-3000-AF300 shaders determine the mass of the building and  -as part of the architectural concept – also acts as covering for the HVAC parts. For the premises on the ground floor, we used motorized external shaders made of aluminium hollow sections. The shader aligns with the outer plain of the facade when its fins are turned into an upright position. To our greatest pleasure, we – along with the architect and client – were encouraged to use the technique of coloured anodizing, which is rarely applied in Hungary. The end result is an exterior shader with truly refined details.

Helyszín: Tápiószecső
Designer: Ónodi András (ZOA Építész Stúdió)
Photo: Willingstorffer András

Applied types: