Justice in Debrecen

The glass roof above the hall of the Ítélőtábla is shaded by motorized fix shaders with slats tilting around their own axis.

Two important aspects affected the choice of shader type. As the glass roof is slightly recessed below the inner court’s plane, it can be seen from the building. Therefore, we intended to create a surface with our shaders that is as unified as possible by minimizing the number of segmentations. The hidden hind-mounting of the used shaders allowed the fins to be placed above the counter rail. Still, the thin 75 mm wide fins nicely fit the filigree texture of the brick cladding and the wood panelling around the skylight.


Helyszín: Debrecen
Designer: Pethő László, Földes László, Koller József, ifj. Csatai László
Photo: Dénes György

Applied types: