The office building of the Blum factory in Vác was built in a location exposed to wind, therefore the used structures needed to be windproof.

In order to meet these requirements, we installed motorized exterior venetian blinds, with special beaded, ‘S’ shaped slats, guided by side rails into the aluminium cladding in front of the windows.  A different solution was used to shield the windows that turn around the corner of the first floor. Here we used exterior shading with fins tilting around their horizontal axis and fixed mitred elements on the corner. The change of shaders further enhances the architectural role of the corner window, which is already emphasized with a metal sheet frame. The shading system is complete with aluminium covered, chain pull driven internal roller blinds, which  are used in the meeting and show rooms. The exterior shaders have a powder coated finish to match the discreet colouring of the building, and their movement is controlled by a centre with light and wind sensors.

Helyszín: Vác
Designer: Kaszás István, Domonkos Ádám
Photo: Dénes György

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