The shaders of the engine development centre of Audi conceived in the spirit of the legendary car manufacturer’s products: refined design, solutions thought out to the smallest details, maximal technological care – a perfect harmony of form and function.

 It is progressive that the exterior venetian blinds hang down to the bottom of the parapet walls in the name of energy awareness, thus decreasing the thermal load of not only the openings but the facade as well and lowering the cost of cooling the building. The blackout of event hall ‘Pipacs’ (Poppy), which  became the icon of the factory in Győr, has posed a different challenge for us. The solution we created with the architects – a construction that is based on the logic of theatre curtains -also contributes to the spirit of the original concept with its appearance, beside enabling the room to house screenings and presentations; this room is not only a conference room but a true event hall.

Helyszín: Győr
Designer: Dömges+Partner Architekten és Gunther Zsolt, Csillag Katalin (3H Építésziroda)
Photo: Dénes György

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