APEH Office Building

In case of careful planning, shading office buildings is a complex matter.

The Gvadányi Street office building of APEH models quite well, how the different functional and representational needs demand different shading solutions. Taking orientation and architectural accents into consideration, we used exterior venetian blinds for most of the openings and installed horizontally protruding external fixed shaders above the ribbon-windows that go around the corner. Internal textile roller blinds were added to the rooms with the fixed horizontal shaders in order to provide appropriate light conditions for the interior.

The communicating areas of the building are included in the atrium, the glass roof of which is shielded from overheating by motorized, tiltable external shaders. The specialty of this construction is that the fins are 500 mm wide in order to adapt to the scale of the roof, and they were perforated in order to avoid complete blackout.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Pásztor József, Kalo Emese (Építész Kaláka)
Photo: Dénes György

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