It is an exciting and unusual task both for architect and shading technician to design structures for a ship. Thanks to the close cooperation, a comprehensive concept was born, which matches the A38 in function and appearance.

On the side of the restaurant facing the quay exterior aluminium venetian blinds were installed with 100 mm wide splats, while there are retractable lateral arm awnings on the side overlooking the Danube, shading the terrace. As the ship is anchored on the river Danube, one of the wind canals of Budapest, central control has got a special significance. It has to provide optimal heat and light conditions and also protect shaders from the heavy wind.

The interior roller blinds in the event hall of the new ship-annex (created in 2011) have to provide an escape route in case of fire – even if they are in a lowered position.

Helyszín: Budapest
Designer: Deák Attila, Váncza László (Váncza Művek)
Photo: Dénes György, Krüllung

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