• Information about Shading for General Contractors

    Our firm, Krüllung Árnyékolástechnika Kft is a Hungarian owned independent business, still our partners are foreign companies belonging to the professional elite. We only use the noblest materials (aluminium, stainless steel) for our shader and accessories, which are made in Hungary. We insist on carefully designing even the smallest details of shading devices, paying special attention to how they match the buildings.

    In order to prevent errors and help the fluent implementation and communication, we make on-site surveying and create a detailed technical design documentation (in CAD format), before we start production, which will later help the cooperation between the different disciplines.

    Our aim is to maintain long-term technical professional standards of lasting value. Our business philosophy has not changed since 1991, and there is no better evidence for the value of this philosophy, than our expanding network, our happy customers and our quality references

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