Dear Visitor,

At a restaurant we enjoy ourselves the most if we can choose from a wide selection, if the best ingredients are used, which turn into the finest masterpiece in the hands of the chef and his assistants, if the food and the environment has a delightful aesthetic appeal and last but not least, if the service is kind and attentive.

At our ‘restaurant’ of shading technology we welcome you with the widest selection in Hungary, however we also try to fulfil your specific wishes which are not the on the ‘menu’. Our foreign partners belong to the leading, most innovative manufacturers of the world, and we only use the noblest materials (aluminium, stainless steel) for our accessories. We insist on carefully designing even the smallest details of shading devices, paying special attention to how they match the buildings.

Thanks to this, we are proud to say that many architects invite us even into the early stages of the design process, that we have ‘cooked’ more than 1000 buildings with our colleagues in the past 20 years and that we cooperate with several universities educating students about shading, as a discipline, which greatly influences the appearance and energy-efficiency of buildings. We also have managed to keep these high aesthetic and technologic demands in mind when having our own office building designed and built, therefore winning the prizes Budapest Építészeti Nívódíj and Építőipari Nívódíj.

At KRÜLLUNG Árnyékolástechnika Kft. (Krüllung Shading Ltd.)  we work together as a team to make you our regular guest.

Come and visit us!

Best regards,

Miklós Gosztonyi

‘the chef’