Office building

Our office building was built in the name of sustainability and energy efficiency. As one of the important factors of eco-friendly buildings, it was evident to put a great emphasis on the shading of the offices, – aside from it being our field of profession. Exterior shading of the building is typically solved by motorized venetian blinds, the top rail and 100 mm wide slats of which are hidden in a groove behind the outer stone facade. On the eastern facade, around the ground floor terrace 150 mm wide slats were used, in order to provide a smaller package height, which was a decisive criteria, due to the recessed top rail height that was used because of the insulation of the balcony. In the inner space, we used chain pull driven roller blinds, in order to provide light control in wintertime and additional heat- and light protection in the summer. External shading is computer operated, for the most optimal use.

The picture is completed by a custom shading feature: a truly unique motorized stone-slat shading device, which is used on the facade facing the riverbank, is integrated into the stone tiling, and has got a scale-like opening method.

Architects: Emese Kaló, Eszter Szabó (Építész Kaláka)